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Current line-up
Kim Carlsson - Vocals, Guitar
Johannes - Session Guitar
Richard - Session Drums


Saphien Irretable Demo, 2003
Suicide Fixation Demo, 2004
Självdestruktivitet Född Av Monotona Tankegångar Demo, 2004
Svarta Nyanser av Ljus Demo, 2004
Självdestruktivitet ... II - Monoton Negativitet Demo, 2005
Lead Yourself to Failure Split, 2005
Sjuklig Intention Split, 2006
Veins Full-length, 2006
Aska / Hypothermia Split, 2006
Undergången Split, 2006
Arkha Sva / Hypothermia Split, 2006
Köld Full-length, 2006
Rakbladsvalsen Full-length, 2007
Grimnir / Trist / Regnum / Hypothermia Split, 2008
Gråtoner EP, 2008
Black Howling / Hypothermia Split, 2008
Kaffe & Blod Demo, 2008
Skogens Hjärta Full-length, 2010



Necromancy was formed somewhere between 2007 and 2008 by the Alchemist and the Necromancer, later Eric Earwing joined on drums and last Tormentor joined on second guitar .Eric Earwing left the band after the demo was recorded .Early winter 2009 , the Wizar joined on drums , and the occultist went for the bass . After a year and a live performance necromancy recorded new demo , released early anno MMX

Not to be confused with the black metal band Necromancy from Borlänge.


Current line-up
The Necromancer - Vocals
The Alchemist - Lead Guitar
The Tormentor - Guitar
The Wizard (aka Acke) - Drums
Occulist - Bass


Rites Of Necromancy Demo, 2009
Magic Alchemy Occultism Demo, 2010



Eviscerated remains, long of out of print material and previously unreleased tracks work as raw materials for this colossal project of human


Current line-up
Sven Nilsson - Drums (2006-) (Awaken Horror, Antichrist (Swe))
Kriss Palmgren - Guitar (2006-) (Awaken Horror)
LB Skoog - Vocals (2006-) (Nominon)
Gabbe Forslund - Guitar (2006-) (Disborn)
Joakim Norberg - Bass (2007-) (Awaken Horror, The Rotting)


Rituals of Reanimation Demo, 2007

Satanized (Tur)

Satanized...A Blasphemy from turkey!

Satanized was founded by Angramainyu and Dahaka in 2005 then Daeva joined them. After various members changes the band became stable with Barbas(Drums)And Thoth(guitars).The band made many compositions and appears in concerts as well.
The band paused their works due the fight.
As a result of Angramaiunyu has suffered cerebral hemorrhage.Meanwhile the band is parted ways with Barbas and Thoth for ideological reasons.After recovery of Angramainyu Satanized complete by the joining of Beliar(Guitar) and Xaphan(Drums).
After all the band released first EP with Thorn Laceration Records from UK.

Current line-up
Angramainyu - Vocals, Guitar (2005-)
Beliar - Guitar (2009-)
Daeva - Bass (2005-) (Hell's Army, Fatalart, Evilcraft)
Dahaka - Keyboards (2005-)
Xaphan - Drums (2009-)



Possessed by Darkness EP, 2009


Bajen Death Cult(Swe)

Bajen Death Cult was born in the ashes of the successful football-season of 1998 in Allsvenskan. But since we are such lazy bastards and due to spending a lot of time on our other bands, it almost took us 5 years to get some material out. So far we’ve released a 4 track ep called Bajen-a-voo-doo and a full length album called Nordmän ifrån Söder. There will of course be more releases coming in the future. Everything Bajen Death Cult is doing is a celebration to the mighty Hammarby IF and the beautiful spirit of Södermalm in general. We have spent thousands of hours supporting Bajen in form of recording, playing gigs and helping out around the games in many other ways. And why do we do this? The answer is soooo simple. Coz we fucking love Hammarby IF. Nearly, dearly and sincerely. We have the coolest fans, most colourful players and the best team spirit in the whole fucking world. For the rest of you though.. You can take your sorryass farmer teams and shovel them deep, deeeeeep up in your rectums. We don’t give a fuck about you!! Hell Hammarby IF! Hell Oden! Voodoo Voodoo…

The band was formed by members of the Swedish soccer fan club "Bajen Death Cult" for the team Hammarby IF. The band members are from several Swedish bands like Grave, Unleashed (Swe), Grand Magus, Necrophobic (Swe), and Blackshine.

Draugadrottin (Tobias Sidegård) - Lead Vocals,
Nidhögg - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lodbror (Fox) - Bass, backing vocals
Mjölner - Drums
Gymer Sudre - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Muspell - Guitar, Backing Vocals



Bajen-a-voo-doo EP, 2004
Nordmän Ifrån Söder Full-length, 2006



Sirannon was found in Izmir,in June of 2005,by Thuringwethil. They began working a short time later but, unfortunately, all the work was delayed by line-up problems.

In October 2007, a demo (titled Annon Morin) consisting of 4 tracks and an intro was recorded but again changing of line-up led to the decision of cancelling its release. Shortly afterwards Sirannon began recording their debut album “Semper Caliga” with Leinth on vocals, Haec on guitars, Lygbereth on bass and Thuringwethil on drums. The album consists of an intro, an outro and 11 tracks.As of now, the band is seeking a label. Labels that are interested, please contact: www.myspace.com/fleshonbone or eleusinian-@hotmail.com.

Current line-up
Serpenta - Vocals/Bass
Lygbereth : Bass
Leinth : Vocals
Carnil : Guitar
Thuringwethil : Drums

Yayınlanmamıştır / Unreleased

Firma aranıyor / Looking for a label

Istidraj (Singapore)

Our mission is to create pure blasphemic black metal. In 1995 a.s a self-titled demo was recorded but never released due to several circumstances.

By 1999 a.s Istidraj recorded it's first full-length album namely "Metafizika" consists of 8 trax of Misanthrophic Black Metal, released by Esoteric Art Productions (r.i.p) in limited 1000 copies cd only.

In year 2001 a.s Istidraj recorded it's ep namely "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" consists of 4 trax of blasphemic black metal holocaust. Istidraj is already being featured in several compilation, psychic scream (Malaysia) "Panggilan Pulau Puaka 4 Vol.1" cd & cassette trax : Istidraj. recluse Rekordz (Singapore) "Boundless Consolidation" cdr trax: Sramol Anthaka, Extreme Souls Productions (Indonesia) “Neohellist Vol.2” cassette trax: Thy Whisper of Eternal Shadow, Monsoon Records (France) “doomed by the moon knights” cassette trax:Istidraj, ardeal zine & records comp. (Romania) cd trax: Thy Whisper of Eternal Shadow, Sonnengott music (Indonesia) "Deeper Underground Vol.2" cassette trax: Istidraj, Moonlight Throne Records (Turkey) "Voices from the Abyss" cd trax: Sramol Anthaka.

In year 2003 a.s Istidraj recorded a hellish song namely "Blasphemic Conquest" as to celebrate it's decade of blasphemy, this unholy trax is released as split with Luger(France Black War Metal Terrorist) in "Total War Epuratio" ep self-released by Luger in 200 copies cassette only.

In 2004 a.s Sonnengott Musik released Istidraj/As Sahar split "Conquerors of Syonan-To" album in cassette only.

By year mid-2005 a.s Istidraj will unleash it's "Singakult Black Metal (1993 a.s-till eternity)" album to be release by Satan's Millenium Records Vinland (together with our unreleased demo) in limited 300 copies cd only.

We just complete the recording of our new album "Blasphemous Ritual", it'll be unleash by SMR Vinland in pro-cd format & Goathammer Rex in tape format! Also just unleash is our split with indonesian blasphemic black metal horde dry in "Singanezian Heathens".


Lord Arian Inferno-Blasphemic Black Vomiter.
Earl Aiman-Bringer Ov Devastation.
Mace Ov War-Judas Schädel Hammer.
Vennibeth-Torturer Ov Damnation.

Lord Inferno (Lord Arian) is the editor of Inferno Zine.

Contact: istidraj@hotmail.com

Istidraj means Blasphemous in ancient arabic.

Metafizika Full-length, 1999
Bhinneka Tunggal Ika EP, 2001
Conqueror of Syonan-To Split, 2004
Total War Epuratiö Split, 2004
Singakult Black Metal Demo, 2004
Singakult Black Metal Full-length, 2005
Blasphemic Rites Rehersal Demo, 2005
Blasphemous Demonic Trinity Split, 2005
Singanezian Heathens Split, 2006
Blasphemous Ritual Full-length, 2006 Blasphemized Perversion EP, 2007