Sirannon was found in Izmir,in June of 2005,by Thuringwethil. They began working a short time later but, unfortunately, all the work was delayed by line-up problems.

In October 2007, a demo (titled Annon Morin) consisting of 4 tracks and an intro was recorded but again changing of line-up led to the decision of cancelling its release. Shortly afterwards Sirannon began recording their debut album “Semper Caliga” with Leinth on vocals, Haec on guitars, Lygbereth on bass and Thuringwethil on drums. The album consists of an intro, an outro and 11 tracks.As of now, the band is seeking a label. Labels that are interested, please contact: www.myspace.com/fleshonbone or eleusinian-@hotmail.com.

Current line-up
Serpenta - Vocals/Bass
Lygbereth : Bass
Leinth : Vocals
Carnil : Guitar
Thuringwethil : Drums

Yayınlanmamıştır / Unreleased

Firma aranıyor / Looking for a label

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