Bajen Death Cult(Swe)

Bajen Death Cult was born in the ashes of the successful football-season of 1998 in Allsvenskan. But since we are such lazy bastards and due to spending a lot of time on our other bands, it almost took us 5 years to get some material out. So far we’ve released a 4 track ep called Bajen-a-voo-doo and a full length album called Nordmän ifrån Söder. There will of course be more releases coming in the future. Everything Bajen Death Cult is doing is a celebration to the mighty Hammarby IF and the beautiful spirit of Södermalm in general. We have spent thousands of hours supporting Bajen in form of recording, playing gigs and helping out around the games in many other ways. And why do we do this? The answer is soooo simple. Coz we fucking love Hammarby IF. Nearly, dearly and sincerely. We have the coolest fans, most colourful players and the best team spirit in the whole fucking world. For the rest of you though.. You can take your sorryass farmer teams and shovel them deep, deeeeeep up in your rectums. We don’t give a fuck about you!! Hell Hammarby IF! Hell Oden! Voodoo Voodoo…

The band was formed by members of the Swedish soccer fan club "Bajen Death Cult" for the team Hammarby IF. The band members are from several Swedish bands like Grave, Unleashed (Swe), Grand Magus, Necrophobic (Swe), and Blackshine.

Draugadrottin (Tobias Sidegård) - Lead Vocals,
Nidhögg - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lodbror (Fox) - Bass, backing vocals
Mjölner - Drums
Gymer Sudre - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Muspell - Guitar, Backing Vocals



Bajen-a-voo-doo EP, 2004
Nordmän Ifrån Söder Full-length, 2006

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